Happy birthday mom


For a woman who went threw so much and pull herself up out of the dust, I could not be more proud. I thought long and hard about what kind of gift I could get for the woman who did so much to mold and shape who I am today. The woman who has stood by my side for each of my child birthing experiences and who has held a calm head and leveled mind with any problem I found to big to hold on my own. For me Mother is not the only thing you are. You are my healer, taking care of my soul and heart when it was broken, speaking words of understanding and wisdom. You are my councilor, taking each thing I worry about and stress over in and feeling it out for ways that I can keep a hold on it. You are my friend, the person I am closest to and shared all my fears and insecurities with and you shared with me, which is how I was able to be such a great friend to other women in need. You are my teacher, insisting that I learn to fix a car before I learned to drive it. You are my role model, reaching for the highest shelf of self achievement and showing not only me but all of your beautiful children that when you work hard and focus on each task one at a time, a wall can be built, a bridge can be crossed and a life goal can be reached. You make life understandable, we may not always have things work out the way we want but maybe it is the way that is needed. You make love relatable,  understanding that doing what is easy is not always what is best and doing what is best is not always easy. Making hard choices from the day you found out you were pregnant with me. Understanding and showing the world that even if no one is holding your hand or standing at your side, you are still a force unequaled in ferocity and will care for your loved ones what ever it takes.

For all of this and so much more, I had no I idea what to get you as a present that could show you just how much you have taught me, loved me, cared for me, raised me and inspired me to be who I am today. You continue to share your light and wisdom with two beautiful girls I am proud to call sisters and one amazing young man who is growing to be quite wise that is my brother. I know you are the same amazing woman who raised myself and John, and I know you will raise them all to be as hard working, selfless, proud, loud, happy, caring, understanding, strong willed…, and brilliant as yourself.

I love you Mother. You make me proud. You make me smile. You, and only you, can be the one person in my life who understands my silly jokes and will snort over the phone with me when I call you. I love you, Happy Birthday you wonderful, Beautiful, amazing person.