Damned Sight

The rain fell in fat drops on the roof. Her night had been left to some reheated pizza and whatever was playing on TV. She had known that the night would be cold, but the storm that had started to rage outside was a bit stronger then she expected.

Looking around her house she was sad that she hadn’t taken the chance to duck out of town for the weekend like her roommates. They always had some kind of adventure or trip planned to some new place she had never realized was an option. She had intended to spend this weekend out at some of the local bars and pubs looking for some fun new people to talk to and reach outside of her comfort zone with. Her more passive nature tended to leave her alone and driving home after just one drink. During the day the house had a light airy feel to it, but this storm had given it’s cold to the bones of the house and robbed any hope of feeling like she could relax. Standing up and walking across the living room to turn on the heater she felt the hair on her arms stand up.

CRACK! A loud, bright and powerful flash of lighting filled the air. She could almost taste the heat from it. Such a contrast to the coldness surrounding her. The lights in the house and TV all shut off. She pulled out her phone and used the flashlight to walk over to the windows, peaking out the front she saw that the streetlights had gone out as well. Her street was pitch black. Being the daughter of some very careful parents she went around the house and unplugged anything still in the walls. If the power did come back on she didn’t want it to fry her stuff with a burst of energy. She also made sure to flip the switches on all the lights to make sure they would be off. Another loud but not as close lighting strike hit. Her ears could hear the rumbling last for much longer, echoing in the darkness.

Bet this storm looks pretty bad ass, and we have a huge front porch, why not go watch it? With that she went to the fridge and poured herself a glass of her favorite wine. She unlocked the doors and stepped outside. The rain was falling in gentle sheets across the road in front of her house. The cold was no worse outside then in, so she left the door open. Sitting down in one of the chairs she slowly sipped her wine. She thought back to the warm pub and loud people that filled the bar. She had been getting a weird vibe from the room which is part of why she ducked out so early. Everyone else seemed not to notice it or be bothered by it but she just couldn’t shake it. Another strike of lighting traced a pattern in the sky, making a sweet low rumble. The street lit up a bit with the light and she could make out a tall shape down the street from her. Just seeing it made the hair on her body tingle. As the light faded she wasn’t sure if she had seen anything as it didn’t seem to be moving. Must be a tree or mailbox being lit oddly by the lighting. She took another sip and tried to relax. She watched the spot waiting for some movement or another lighting strike to illuminate the area. Time seemed to have slowed down and minutes seemed to have passed before the next very close and very loud crack of lighting lit up the area she was watching. There much closer then she expected was a tall figure who stood clothed in what looked like a tux with a top hat. His face obscured by the shadows but his movements were so slow he almost appeared to be standing still.

She stood up. Holding the glass with both hands to try and make out clearly what she was seeing. The figure looked up. The next bolt of lighting had her running for the door. As the strike hit and lit up his face she could make out his ash grey-blue skin, and very sharp looking teeth. Teeth that were clearly seen by the large patch of missing skin from the front of his face just where his lips should have been. It looked as though they had been ripped off. Those closed eyes worried her most. He walked in almost a straight path to her. Eyes closed, lightly and she feared what horror she might see or what might happen if he opened them. As she finished locking the door she ran around to the back to ensure that it was also locked well. She waited, well away from the doors and windows to see if she was just seeing things. She had her baseball bat her mother had given her when she moved out and her cell phone ready with the emergency number in case she needed it.

The falling drops of rain seemed to take up space in her mind, with each drop she heard she relaxed as nothing happened. Waiting quietly, when suddenly, the lights turned on outside. Her porch light flicked on as did the street light down the street that always seemed to peer into her front windows. She checked the main phone line and noticed it was down. She remembered that she had unplugged the base so that might have been why she wasn’t able to hear a dial tone. She took a deep breath and stood up. Smiling at herself she clicked her phone over to her Facebook to check her friend’s status and post her own status about this crazy storm. ‘Can’t remember the last time I had such a scare! No power and some kids decide to freak me out with leftover Halloween makeup!’ Sure, that had to be all it was. So stupid. She giggled to herself and locked her phone, looking up to the face from the street. Her front door was open, wet foot prints marked the slow silent path he had made as she was emerged in her phone. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t even think. Breathing seemed impossible. This thing had made it inside without her even noticing. She closed her eyes bracing for what was to come.

“See Me” She waited, eyes still closed as the voice spoke to her again. “See Meee, Seee Meee, See MEEE” A loud crack made her jump. Her eyes opened as a response and she saw the figure, head tilted, eyes starting to flutter. Her mind raced as she started to fear the figure seeing her. She scrambled backward and started for the bedroom. She could hear the soft echo of movement just barely noticeable over the pounding of the rain outside. She slammed her bedroom door closed and pushed her bed across the frame. She pulled her phone back out and started to dial again. Her heart dropped as she watched the knob of the door slowly turning. Her bed started to scrape across the floor. Her phone returned not the expectant ringing but a soft sound of a chilled voice. “Seeeeeeeeee Meeeeee” She looked at her phone as it powered its self off, refusing her any assistance. She turned quickly and opened her window jumping out onto the wet lawn. Looking backward she saw the figure’s hat slide into view. She got up and started running. The houses around her all had open doors. She didn’t know what the hell was going on but she didn’t want to stick around to find out. She continued running in the direction of the pub she had last visited. People, she needed to see people. The lighting was still making soft protests in the sky as she rounded the street to the main road. Cars drove past as if nothing was going on. She started walking. Cold, soaked but scared shitless she kept walking. If her phone wasn’t fucked due to water now, it would be soon. She got to the small pub and walked inside. The crowd didn’t seem to notice her at all. She walked to the bar and asked for the phone. The bar keep looked her over and pointed to the very old and vintage looking pay phone near the bathrooms.

“Look, I don’t have any money on me. I just need to call the police. I had someone break into my house. My phone is dead, and I left in a hurry so please just…” She left it open for him to fill in the blank. He looked her over again and shook his head. Reaching under the bar he handed her the phone. She called the police and told them what had happened…. as best she could. There had been a weird man outside who then broke into her house and chased her. She gave her current location and they told her to stay put. A few minutes later a pair of police officers showed up and started looking around the bar, she walked over to them. They confirmed she was the one who had called in and they gave her a ride back to the house. They had gone there first to make sure no one was waiting around. The power was back on so she turned on all the lights in the house. The officers sat down and started asking questions about the figure she had seen. She started describing the clothes and theatrical makeup (because what else could it be) and how it spoke to her. The weirdest part was the phone and other houses in the neighborhood. She heard her cell phone ringtone come from her bedroom where she had plugged it in on her arrival. The officers stated they would wait for her to return, she looked at the caller ID and it stated it was emergency services. Picking it up she could hear rain in the background.

“Seeeeeeee Meeeeeeee” She nearly dropped the phone. She unplugged it and ran to the living room. The officers seemed startled, she put the phone on speaker phone. “Ma’m, are you there? Did the officers find you alright?” The taller of the two walked over. “Yes we did, Thank you Anna.” He gave her a puzzled look, and handed back her phone. She tried to explain but the words wouldn’t come out. She sat there trying to think of what was going on. The officers offered to take her to a house of a family or friend near by or to wait for her to pack up some stuff for her so she could drive out but she declined. Maybe she was just tired and needed to sleep. Maybe someone had slipped her something in the pub. The police took their leave and she locked up tight. She didn’t bother turning off the lights she just slowly made her way to her room biting her thumb. She changed into her most soft P.Js and ducked into bed. Sleep was the only thing she was going to try to achieve now. The rain continued softly falling on the tree outside her window, however it was the soft clicking on her window that she was to frightened to look at. “Seeeeee Meeeeee, Seeeeee Meeeeee, SEE MEEEeee” The voice continued, and although she worried she realized at that moment, she wasn’t alone. Not anymore. No one could see or hear this thing whatever it was, so she was the only one. A crack of lighting hit outside on the street, the sound of it and heat forced her to look at the window. There was nothing. The sound was gone, it was gone.