Howdy Y’all and thanks for visiting my blog, My name is Tina and I hail from Oklahoma. Currently I am a transplant in Austin, TX. Most of the time you can find me spending time with the family playing board games and thinking up something new to write about. I am looking for this site to become a place where I can dash out some writings and share with the world some of the story lines that flow in my mind. I have no published works as of yet but am currently working on transforming one of my short stories into a book.

When I am writing I like to listen to the sound of Thunderstorms and just close my eyes to feel the calm that they have on me. In the event that I am not trying to transcribe my dreams and visions into story, you can find me volunteering at local conventions and shows, supporting the communities that I love so much. I love to take pictures as well, however lack the funding to buy a camera that didn’t come attached to my phone. I enjoy painting and creating in any physical form and will attempt different types of art at different times. I tend to keep myself busy with hobbies since I am not working.  This includes some of my work as a voice actor.

If you have any questions, comment or suggestions, please feel free to leave them or use my contact page to message me. Thanks again!


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