Winter rolls

As the wind swept down the hall she could feel the cold soaked in darkness reach into her bones. She looked down the ripped and torn hallway, unsure of her choices made only moments before in the warmth of her friends and cheep booze. She held her phone in front of her as more of a shield. She took a small step forward praying that her knees and ankles keep her standing.

A sudden sound behind her caused her to turn around quickly camera and light flashing to the doors she had entered in, one of them was slightly ajar.

“Mike, you there? Cindy?…” She listened almost shaking with worry for any sound.

Your not alone. Her mind was racing as quickly as her heartbeat. Your not alone. The voice in her head was getting louder. Your not alone. This voice is not even her own, she realized suddenly.

“It’s YOU’RE asshole!!”

So that’s a thing…


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