Black view

The cold porcelain woke him a bit. He was unsure as to why he was in the bathroom. Blinking at the glare from the moon, he noticed the light had not been turned on.

Darkness had always frightened him and he had never been one to do something without thought. His ragged breath was a sure sign of how his current settings and lack of memory was effecting him. He started to take his settings in one by one in this tiny room he used often enough to know blindfolded. He scanned the room unsure of what he was experiencing.

The dark corners pulled at his mind to leave his body and join them in the dark folds.

An unsettling quite fell on him as he sat there wondering what to do next. Reaching down to pull up his boxers that rested around his ankles he looked forward to the large window over his bathtub. He froze as he saw the two crimson eyes stare back at him from the black void that now covered the light of the moon.

His breath hitched almost afraid of making any noise. Regardless that he had been breathing this whole time and the sudden stop of sound would be an absence to be noted. He could see the eyes moving almost hovering. They would have to be flying somehow since his bathroom was on the second story of the house.

His insides turned to ice as the slimy voice echoed in the room, “Don’t forget to wash your hands.”

I can’t seem to get away from┬ámaking it goofy. That’s okay because right now I am enjoying playing with the descriptions and knowing what is too much and how I can tweak it and such.


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