So I felt super bad for not pushing myself to study yesterday. I have many opportunities to study. I played games and chatted with people and just relaxed. I have been feeling rather down recently and knowing what I have to study for is kinda mind numbing if you hit it to hard.

So I took an unofficial day off…. Result being, I feel guilty, and I have 90+ Reviews waiting for me on Wanikani…. Oh well back to the grind. I just need to work on my pace and watch out for signs I am getting to worn out. I don’t mind taking a day but if I am not actively doing something for at lest one hour each day to prep for the test I don’t know that I will make it.

So today is make up day and get my sh*t straight day. I can do this. It is going to seem super overwhelming if I don’t ever take the first step in.

I also have to remember that not every mistake means I can’t do it. Only that I know I can because I know the difference. Now if I could only impart this wisdom onto my two year old with potty training.


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